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Gay candidate advances in Seattle mayor’s race

murrayEd Murray, an openly gay lawmaker who led the successful fight for marriage equality in the Washington State Senate, emerged last night as the top vote-getter in a crowded primary to choose the next mayor of Seattle. He’ll face the incumbent Mayor Mike McGinn in the general election this November.

“Ed Murray is a fighter, and we are proud to stand with him over the next few months as he makes the case for change at City Hall,” said Chuck Wolfe, president and CEO of the Victory Fund, which endorsed Murray and supported his campaign.  ”Seattle needs a mayor who knows how to get things done, and LGBT Americans need more heroes like Ed Murray, who refused to compromise his dreams.”

Murray is set to take advantage of the state’s marriage equality law this weekend, when he and Mike Shiosaki, his longtime partner, will be married.

Photo:  Bettina Hansen/The Seattle Times

Gay Seattle mayoral candidate in campaign ad with partner

Openly gay Washington State Sen. Ed Murray, a candidate for mayor of Seattle, has released a campaign TV ad touting his leading role in passing a marriage equality bill, and featuring a shot of him walking with his husband-to-be, Michael Shiosaki.  The two plan to marry in August.

“Our family believed that we could make a difference.  When I realized I was gay I thought I’d never have that chance, but Seattle is a special place,” Murray says in the ad.

Murray faces a crowded primary field on August 6, with the top two vote-getters heading to a general election in November.

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Seattle Times endorses gay candidate for mayor

murray shiosakiOpenly gay state Sen. Ed Murray is the Seattle Times’ choice in the upcoming mayoral election, according to an editorial published Friday.  The

“Murray’s experience is stellar,” the editors wrote, noting his budget-writing expertise. “His impressive political skills were on display in his two-decade campaign to win equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual and [transgender] people. It is an incremental campaign, requiring patience, discipline and persuasion of less like-minded colleagues. Murray inched Washington, step by step, toward November’s voter approval of same-sex marriage.”

Murray, who is backed by the Victory Fund, has served in the Washington state legislature since 1995. He is to be married to his longtime partner, Michael Shiosaki, on August 10, four days after the mayoral primary.

This Sunday, July 21, Murray will speak at the Victory Fund Champagne Brunch in Seattle.  For more information or to purchase tickets, go here.

Photo:  Kelly O/The Stranger

Gay man chosen to lead Wash. state Senate

ed murraySen. Ed Murray, D-Seattle, will become just the second openly LGBT person to lead a state senate chamber after his Democratic colleagues tonight chose him as majority leader of the Washington State Senate.  Murray, 57, was first elected to the Senate in 2006 after serving 11 years in the Wash. House of Representatives.  He was a leading voice in favor of passage of the state’s marriage equality bill, which voters affirmed last week.

“We have work to do in Olympia – prioritizing education, creating jobs for the middle class, and ensuring Washingtonians have the health care they need. And one of our challenges in a closely divided chamber is to ensure that the Senate is able to fulfill its obligation to govern the state, in tandem with Gov.-elect Jay Inslee and the House. These are not simple challenges, but they are solvable. We can find solutions that work for all of Washington,” Murray said in a release tonight.

“We congratulate Sen. Murray for this wonderful recognition of his leadership skills and dedication to the people of Washington.  He has proven that openly LGBT Americans have much to offer their communities as leaders and representatives, and his commitment to open and honest public service has set an example for LGBT youth,” said Chuck Wolfe, president and CEO of the Victory Fund.

Murray joins Assembly Speaker John Perez in California, House Speaker Gordon D. Fox in Rhode Island and incoming House Speaker Mark Ferrandino in Colorado as the only currently serving openly gay legislators to land their chambers’ top jobs.  In Oregon, out lesbian Rep. Tina Kotek is expected to be elected Speaker of the House this week after Democrats won control in last week’s elections.

The first openly gay State Senate leader was the late Allan Spear of Minnesota.  He was first elected to the Minnesota Senate in 1972 and came out as gay in 1974.  Spear served a total of 28 years in the senate, retiring in 2000. He was President of the Senate from 1992 to 2000.

Victory Fund applauds Washington Senate on marriage vote

murray shiosakiThe Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund tonight congratulated openly gay State Sen. Edward Murray and his colleagues in the Washington State Senate on the passage of Senate Bill 6239, which would end marriage discrimination in the state. The bill now moves to the Washington House of Representatives, where five openly gay and lesbian lawmakers will ask their colleagues to follow the Senate and vote to give them the right to marry. Gov. Christine Gregoire has vowed to sign the bill.

“Tonight’s vote is a victory for fairness in Washington, and for Senator Ed Murray, who has worked so hard for so long to make life better for LGBT Washingtonians,” said Chuck Wolfe, president and CEO of the Victory Fund. “When this bill is finally signed into law, Ed and Michael, his partner of 20 years, will finally have realized the equality under state law Ed has fought for since he was first elected to the legislature in 1995. The Victory Fund is proud to support all six openly LGBT members of the Washington State Legislature, and we offer our deepest congratulations and thanks to Ed and to everyone in the Washington United for Marriage coalition that made tonight’s vote possible,” said Wolfe.

In the House, openly gay and lesbian lawmakers who are leading efforts to pass the measure include State Reps. Jamie Pedersen, Laurie Jinkins, Marko Liias, James Moeller, and David Upthegrove.

“Ending marriage discrimination in Washington will take the courage of many individuals, groups and allies, but we are especially proud of the openly gay and lesbian lawmakers whose honesty and example helped inspire their colleagues to support this bill. From the late Sen. Cal Anderson to the six who serve today, all have educated their colleagues, introduced their partners, authored legislation and spoke passionately about their own lives on the floors of the State House and Senate, and that has made a tremendous difference,” said Wolfe.

Photo:  Sen. Ed Murray and his partner, Michael Shiosaki, testifying in favor of SB 6239.  (Washington Senate Photo Services / Northwest News Network)