Massachusetts State Rep. Carl Sciortino’s campaign for the 5th Congressional District just released a TV ad that viewers are calling one of the most unique in years.

“Father’s Son,” which has already amassed nearly 150,000 views on YouTube since debuting yesterday, recounts the difficult time Sciortino had “coming out” to his conservative father… as a liberal.

Despite the local nature of the race, “Father’s Son” has received wide acclaim, with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes dubbing it a masterpiece and the Washington Post calling it “one of the more interesting campaign ads we’ve seen in a while”. Chuck Wolfe, president and CEO of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund and Institute, also praised the ad. “We already knew Carl had a great sense of humor,” Wolfe said, “but this spot takes the cake.”

Sciortino’s campaign is hoping to run the ad through the October 15th primary, where he faces six other candidates for the Democratic nomination.

Watch the ad for yourself below: