TammyChuck1Hundreds of openly lesbian, gay and bisexual candidates won election to public offices across America yesterday, including the nation’s first openly gay U.S. Senator, at least six openly gay members of the U.S. House, and seven who will make history as the first or only out lawmakers serving in their state legislatures.

“This wasn’t incremental progress.  This was a breathtaking leap forward,” said Chuck Wolfe, president and CEO of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund.  ”Tammy Baldwin’s victory in the face of tens of millions of dollars in super PAC spending against her is a testament to the enormous power of people who believe in and fight for progress, fairness and equality. LGBT candidates and their allies this year showed we are willing to engage fully in the political process to win the freedom we deserve.”

Rep. Tammy Baldwin’s historic victory in the U.S. Senate race in Wisconsin capped big wins in House races, including one for the seat she has held for seven terms.  Mark Pocan was elected in Wisconsin’s 2nd Congressional District, becoming the first gay candidate who will follow an openly gay member of Congress.

In New York, Sean Patrick Maloney was elected in the 18th Congressional District.  In California’s 41st Congressional District, Mark Takano became the first openly gay person of color to win election to the U.S. House.  In Arizona, former state lawmaker Kyrsten Sinema was elected in the newly-drawn 9th Congressional District.  She became the first openly bisexual member of Congress. U.S. Reps. David Cicilline, D-R.I., and Jared Polis, D-Colo., won reelection to their seats.

Seven state legislatures gained their first or only openly LGBT state lawmakers this year, including North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia, New Mexico, Texas, Pennsylvania and Florida, which went from zero to two gay legislators.  And in Oregon and Colorado, state legislative election results have positioned two out lawmakers to become House Speakers.

The Victory Fund endorsed in 180 races in 2012, with 123 candidates victorious:

U.S. Senate

Tammy Baldwin – Wisconsin – WIN

U.S. House of Representatives

Mark Takano – CA-41 – WIN

Sean Maloney-NY-18-WIN

David Cicilline- RI-1-WIN

Marc Pocan-WI-2-WIN

Jared Polis-CO-2-WIN

Richard Tisei-MA-6-LOSS

Krysten Sinema-AZ-9- WIN

State Legislative

AZ-Ken Cheuvront-State Senate- 24- LOSS

AZ-Dustin Cox-State House of Representatives- 9- LOSS

CA-Tom Ammiano-State Assembly- 17-WIN

CA-Toni Atkins-State Assembly- 78-WIN

CA-Susan Eggman-State AssemblY-13-WIN

CA-Richard Gordon-State Assembly- 24-WIN

CA-Ricardo Lara-State Senate- 33-WIN

CA-Mark Leno-State Senate- 11-WIN

CA-John Perez-State Assembly-43-WIN

CA-Cathleen Galgiani-State Senate- 5-WIN

CA-Abel Guillen-State Assembly-18-LOSS

CA-Luis Lopez-State Assembly- 51-LOSS

CA-Torie Osborn-State Assembly- 50-LOSS

CO-Dominick Moreno-State House of Representatives- 32-WIN

CO-Paul Rosenthal-State House of Representatives- 9-WIN

CO-Jessie Ulibarri-State Senate- 21-WIN

CO-Mark Ferrandino-State House of Representatives- 2-WIN

CO-Joann Ginal-State House of Representatives -52-WIN

CO-Sue Schafer -State House of Representatives-24-WIN

CO-Patrick Steadman-State Senate- 31-WIN

DE-Marie Mayor-State House of Representatives- 20-LOSS

DE-Andy Staton -State Senate-6 -LOSS

DE-Mitch Crane-Insurance Commissioner-LOSS

FL-Joe Saunders-State House of Representatives -49-WIN

FL-Dave Richardson-State House of Representatives- 113-WIN

FL-Ian Whitney-State House of Representatives- 120-LOSS

GA-Simone Bell -State House of Representatives-58-WIN

GA-Karla Drenner-State House of Representatives- 85-WIN

GA-Keisha Sean Waites- State House of Representatives – 60-WIN

GA-Rashad Taylor-State House of Representatives-55-LOSS

GA-Ken Britt-State House of Representatives-56 -LOSS

HI-Heather Giugni-State House of Representatives-33-LOSS

ID-Nate Murphy-State House of Representatives-29-Won Primary, then Withdrew

IL-Deb Mell-State House of Representatives-40 -WIN

IL-Sam Yingling-State House of Representatives – 62-WIN

IL-Kelly Cassidy-State House of Representatives – 14-WIN

IL-Alex Arroyo- State House of Representatives -88-LOSS

MA-Denise Andrews-State House of Representatives-2 – WIN

MA-KateHogan-State House of Representatives – 3 -WIN

MA-Carl Sciortino-State House of Representatives-34 – WIN

MA-Sarah Peake-State House of Representatives-WIN

MA-Don Bourque-State House of Representatives-18 – LOSS

MA-Tim Coco-State Senate-LOSS

MA-Tim Schofield-State Senate – 2-LOSS

ME-Justin Chenette-State House of Representatives-134 -WIN

ME-Andrew McLean-State House of Representatives-129-WIN

ME-Matt Moonen-State House of Representatives-118-WIN

ME-Terry Morrison-State House of Representatives-122 -WIN

MN-Susan Allen-State House of Representatives-62B-WIN (Special Election)

MN-Susan Allen-State House of Representatives-62B-WIN (Re-Election)

MN-Scott Dibble-State Senate-61-WIN

MN-Tom Degree State House of Representatives-39B-LOSS

MO-Mike Colona-State House of Representatives-80-WIN

MO-Jeanette Oxford-State Senate-5-LOSS

MO-Sarah Gillooly-State House of Representatives-37-LOSS

MT-Bryce Bennett-State House of Representatives-92-WIN

MT-Christine Kaufmann -State Senate-41-WIN

NC-Marcus Brandon-State House of Representatives-60-WIN

NC-Susan Wilson-State House of Representatives-115-LOSS

NC-Deb Butler-State Senate-9-LOSS

NC-Ross Bulla-State Senate- 44-LOSS

ND-Joshua Boschee-State House of Representatives-44-WIN

NH-David Pierce-State Senate-5 -WIN

NH-Chris Pappas-Executive Council-4-WIN

NH-Aaron Gill-State House of Representatives-39 – LOSS

NM-Jacob Candelaria -State Senate-26-WIN

NM-MaryEllen Broderick-State House of Representatives-30-LOSS

NV-James Healey -State Assembly-35-WIN

NV-Andrew Martin-State Assembly-9-WIN

NV-David Parks -State Senate-7 -WIN

NY-Harry Bronson-State Assembly-138-WIN

NY-Matthew Titone-State Assembly-61-WIN

NY-Brad Hoylman-State Senate -27-WIN

NY-Danny O’Donnell-State Assembly-69 -WIN

NY-Robin Andrews-State Senate- 43-LOSS

NY-Jeffrey Friedman-State Assembly-21 -LOSS

OH-Tim Brown-State House of Representatives-3-WIN

OH-Nickie Antonio-State House of Representatives-13-WIN

OH-James Helmink-State House of Representatives-60-LOSS

OK-Kay Floyd-State House of Representatives-88-WIN

OK-Al McAffrey-Oklahoma State Senate -WIN

OR-Kate Brown-Secretary of State-WIN

OR-Tina Kotek-State House of Representatives – 44-WIN

OR-Virginia Linder-State Supreme Court-WIN

OR-Claudia Kyle-State House of Representatives – 19-LOSS

OR-Nena Cook-State Supreme Court-LOSS

PA-Brian Sims-State House of Representatives-WIN

PA-Chris Dietz-State House of Representatives – 104-LOSS

RI-Gordon Fox-State House of Representatives-4-WIN

RI-Donna Nesselbush-State Senate-15-WIN

RI-Deb Ruggiero-State House of Representatives-74-WIN

RI-Frank Ferri-State House of Representatives-22-WIN

RI Laura Pisaturo-State Senate-29-LOSS

SD-Angie Buhl-State Senate-15-WIN

TX-Mary Gonzalez-State House of Representatives-75-WIN

TX-Ann Johnson-State House of Representatives – 134-LOSS

VT-Debbie Ingram-State Senate-LOSS

VT-Herb Russell -State House of Representatives- 5-3-WIN

VT-Matt Trieber-State House of Representatives- 3-WIN

VT-Suzi Wizowaty-State House of Representatives- 3-5-WIN

WA-Jamie Pederson-State House of Representatives-43-WIN

WA-Shelly Crocker-State House of Representatives-46-LOSS

WA-Laurie Jinkins-State House of Representatives-27-WIN

WA-Marko Liias-State House of Representatives-21-WIN

WA-Jim Moeller-State House of Representatives- 49-WIN

WA-Dave Upthegrove-State House of Representatives-33-WIN

WI-JoCasta Zamarripa-State Assembly-8-WIN

WV-Stephen Skinner-State House of Delegates-67-WIN

WY-Cathy Connolly-State House of Representatives-13-WIN


AZ-Lawrence Robinson-School Board-66-WIN

AZ- Donald Runer-Rivera-Maricopa Special Healthcare-2-LOSS

CA-Judy Appel-School Board-WIN

CA-Linda Atkins-City Council-WIN

CA-Sabrina Brennan-Harbor Commissioner-WIN

CA-Rebecca Kaplan-City Council-WIN

CA-David Roberts-Board of Supervisors-3-WIN

CA-David Campos-Board of Supervisors-9-WIN

CA-Todd Gloria-City Council-3-WIN

CA-Gary Miller-School Board-WIN

CA –Christina Olague-Board of Supervisors-5-LOSS

CA-Chris Clark-City Council-WINCA-Joel Engardio-Board of Supervisors-7-LOSS

CA-George Schaefer-Superior Court-

CA-Paul Marchand-City Council-LOSS

CA-Darryl Moore-City Council-WIN

CA-Greg Pettis-City Council-WIN

CA-Chip Yarborough-Mayor-LOSS

CA-Steve Hansen-City Council-46-WIN

CA-Christina Olague-Board of Supervisors-5-LOSS

DC-Jack Jacobson-State Board of Education-WIN

DC-Chris Linn-ANC Commission-WIN

DC-Matt Raymond-ANC Commission-WIN

DC-Marc Morgan-ANC Commission-WIN

DC-Martin Espinoza-ANC Commission-LOSS

DC-Tim Day-City Council-Ward 5-LOSS

DE-Patrick Gossett-City Commission-WIN

FL-Kevin Beckner-County Commission-6-WIN

FL-Stephen Smith-Florida Keys Mosquito Control- 3-WIN

FL-Darrin P. Gayles-Circuit Judge-11-WIN

FL-Patty Sheehan-City Commissioner-WIN

FL-Joe Pishgar-County Commission-3-LOSS

FL-Gina Duncan -County Commissioner-5-LOSS

IL-John Dalton-Circuit Court-WIN

IL-Andrea Schleifer-Circuit Court-WIN

IL-Debra Shore-Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioner -WIN

IL-Michael Forti-Circuit Court-LOSS

IL-Mary Susan Trew-Subcircuit Judge-LOSS

MD-David Lublin-City Council-WIN

MI-Carol-Kuhnke-Circuit Court-WIN

MI-Brian McGrain-Board of Commissioners-WIN

MI-Kevin Howley-County Executive-LOSS

MI-Ken Ross-Circuit Court-LOSS

MI-Craig Covey -Commissioner-25-LOSS

MO-Michael Wayne Evans-City Council- LOSS

ND-John Strand-School Board-WIN

NJ-Len Resto-Borough Council-WIN

NY-Brian Haak-Town Board-WIN

OH-Terry Brown-County Recorder-WIN

OH-Sandra Kurt -County Council -WIN

OK-Tom Kovach-City Council- WIN

OR-Jon Gustafson-City Council-WIN

TX-Lupe Valdez-Sherriff -WIN

TX-Rosemary Lehmberg -District Attorney-WIN

TX-Scott Sherman-City Council-WIN

TX-Steve Kirkland -City Judge-LOSS

UT-Melvin Nimer-County Council-LOSS

VA-Joel McDonald-School Board-WIN

VA-Paul Smedberg-City Council-WIN

VA-Lawrence Webb-City Council-LOSS

VA-Sean Holihan-City Council-LOSS

VT-Joanna Cole-Justice of the Peace-WIN

WA-Elizabeth Berns-Superior Court-WIN

WI-Bill Buresh-County Supervisor-LOSS