VF Seal - Endorsee - 1inThe Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund turns 20 this year, and it plans to celebrate the milestone across the country throughout 2011.  But today Victory launches a new endorsement seal to mark the occasion and signal that openly LGBT candidates it endorses have the backing of the organization.

“Victory Fund-endorsed candidates aren’t just openly LGBT, they’re out to win.  Earning Victory’s endorsement means a candidate has passed a rigorous vetting process, that they’re planning a serious campaign and that they’ve demonstrated a real path to electoral success,” said Chuck Wolfe, the group’s president and CEO.

Victory Fund candidates will be able to use the seal to communicate to potential donors that their campaign has been vetted by the group’s political team and the Victory Campaign Board, a national committee of more than 100 community leaders from across America who work to grow the number of LGBT elected officials at all levels of government.  VCB members approve all candidate endorsements.

In 2010 more than 350 openly LGBT candidates ran for office across the U.S., and 164 of those earned the Victory Fund’s endorsement.  Sixty-five percent of Victory’s 2010 endorsed candidates went on to win their races.

Learn more about the Victory Fund’s endorsement criteria here.