maher2005The city of Cambridge, Mass., home to Harvard University, has its third openly gay mayor…in a row. Mayor David Maher, who was elected to the post by his city council colleagues in February, acknowledged publicly this weekend he is gay.

Speaking to the city’s annual Pride brunch, Maher paid tribute to the city’s last two mayors, Ken Reeves and Denise E. Simmons, both of whom are openly gay.  ”In the early 1990s my city council colleague Ken Reeves came out as the first openly gay mayor of Cambridge – since that time Denise Simmons and I have both had the privilege and honor of serving as Mayor,” Maher said, according to the Cambridge Chronicle.

Reeves was the first African-American openly gay man to serve as a mayor in the United States, and Simmons was the country’s first out lesbian African-American mayor.