marriage equalityThe portion of U.S. adults who oppose legalizing marriage for same-sex couples has fallen to 53 percent, matching the all-time low registered by the polling firm Gallup, which has published survey results on the question since 1996.  Forty-four percent of those polled say same-sex marriages should be legal.

“Over time, Americans have become more accepting of legal same-sex marriage, and a growing number of subgroups now show majority support for it,” Gallup said in a release.

Among Democrats, 56% support marriage equality, whereas just 28% of Republicans said they do, according to the poll.  Slight majorities of respondents in the East and West favor marriage equality, while only 35-40% of those in the Midwest and South support it.

When Gallup began polling on same-sex marriage in 1996, just 27% of respondents said it should be legal, with 68% opposed.  For full poll results, go here.