antonio_nickie221Nickie Antonio tonight won the Democratic primary in the District 13 Ohio State House race that drew no Republican opponents for the fall.  With only token opposition in the general election this November, Antonio is poised to become the state’s first openly LGBT state legislator.

Now in her second term on the Lakewood City Council, Antonio said, “I’m very thankful for the support of the Victory Fund.  I’m proud of their endorsement, and they really put their hearts into this campaign.  Like me, they believe that Ohio will benefit from having diverse voices in government that truly represent everybody in our state.”

The Victory Fund has endorsed 35 candidates in state legislative races so far this year.  One of the group’s goals is ensuring every state has at least one openly LGBT state legislator, said Chuck Wolfe, its president and CEO.

“We’re looking forward to finally adding Ohio to the list of states where our community has a voice in state government.  The most dynamic and important fights for our rights are happening in state legislatures, so it’s vital to have people like Nickie at the table of power.  Change can come slowly in Washington, so building our political power in state capitals can mean a quicker path to a more free, more fair America,” said Wolfe.

For a full list of LGBT candidates endorsed by the Victory Fund this year, go to