Craig Lowe said that a flier, above, circulating around town that touts his "gay agenda" is a hoax and was not released by his campaign.Gainesville, Fla., City Commissioner Craig Lowe could be elected the city’s mayor tomorrow, but a shadowy anti-gay group is trying to keep that from happening. They’ve now distributed anonymous, tongue-in-cheek fliers promoting Lowe’s candidacy as a boon for the “gay agenda.”

According to a report in the Gainesville Sun:

The pink fliers sarcastically suggest Lowe, who is openly gay, will work to get: “Gays in Women’s Restrooms,” “Gay Marriage,” “Gay Public Sex Education,” “Gay Oriented Churches,” “Gay Communities,” “Gay Civil Rights” and “Gay Parades.”

“Please help to make this town more like San Francisco, CA,” the flier reads. “Don’t let Traditional Value Activists use scare tactics against you!”

Lowe, a city commissioner, said in an interview that he was told the fliers had been put on cars at a Baptist church Sunday and some had been placed on cars along Main Street. It was not clear who was distributing them.