low_evan250Elected by his fellow council members, Evan Low has become mayor of Campbell, California, and the youngest openly LGBT mayor, as well as the youngest Asian American mayor in the United States.  Twenty-six year old Low joins 28 other openly LGBT officials serving as mayor in municipalities across the country.

CBS5 reports on Low’s historic election:

Campbell Vice Mayor Evan Low made history Tuesday by becoming the nation’s youngest openly gay mayor.

Chosen by his fellow council members to fill the mayoral seat, Low, 26, is also the country’s youngest Asian American mayor. He replaces current Mayor Jane Kennedy.

Low said that although he is proud of those milestones, his aim is to be representative of the entire Campbell community.

“I hope that this will provide an opportunity for other people to get involved who traditionally might not see politics as something that might be exciting or something that might not interest them,” Low said.

This weekend, Low joins his colleagues in San Francisco to share that same message at the 25th International Gay & Lesbian Leadership Conference.