aids-ribbonPresident Obama released a proclamation today, internationally recognized as World AIDS Day, praising progress on preventing and treating HIV/AIDS and pledging cooperation on tackling the disease around the globe.

While medical institutions continue to fight the spread of the disease, politicians have taken steps in the past year toward removing the social stigma attached to persons living with HIV/AIDS.  In this proclamation, Obama makes reference to the reauthorization of the Ryan White Act as well as the lifting of the travel and immigration ban on those with HIV/AIDS:

Tackling this disease will take an aggressive, steadfast approach. My Administration is developing a national HIV/AIDS strategy to bolster our response to the domestic epidemic, and a global health initiative that will build on PEPFAR’s success. We will develop a strategy to reduce HIV incidence, improve access to care, and help eliminate HIV-related health disparities. We have already ensured that visitors to our shores living with HIV are not marginalized and discriminated against because of their HIV status. We have also secured the continuation of critical HIV/AIDS care and treatment services. Today, we recommit ourselves to building on the accomplishments of the past decades that have dramatically changed the domestic and global HIV/AIDS landscape.