full_email“Annise Parkers lifestyle that of being a HOMOSEXUAL is not the proper role model to lead the fourth largest city in the United States. The Bible speaks clearly against the lifestyle she represents, James 1:8 says, ‘A double minded man is confused in all his ways’. She does not believe in what the scripture says about her lifestyle which in return means she doesn’t believe in God.”

Sometimes it’s necessary to let words speak for themselves, such as those posted above from the Christians for Better Government voter guide.  Though Christians for Better Government has since rebuked the attack, saying it was not actually authorized by their organization, the press release was e-mailed early yesterday morning to thousands of potential Houston voters, insisting that Parker’s sexual orientation discredits her 12 years of leadership in elected city government.  The notion that a person’s sexuality may prohibit effective governance is outrageous, considering the nearly 1,000 qualified and competent LGBT public officials currently serving.

“Obviously, this is not the first time an openly LGBT candidate has faced an anti-gay attack, and it will certainly not be the last,” stated Shawn Werner, Deputy Political Director at the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund.  “As is the case in Annise’s race, these kinds of blatant attacks tend to come when the opposition becomes desperate to keep voters from knowing the truth about a candidate’s relevant experience.”

You can help Annise fight the attack here.