webb_kathyDoyle Webb, chairman of the Arkansas Republican Party, apparently believes lesbians are mathematically challenged.  He’s been crisscrossing the state warning voters that Democrats could put openly lesbian State Representative Kathy Webb (no relation, thank goodness) in charge of the state budget.  In fact, Rep. Webb (pictured) was just named House Chair of Economic and Tax Policy. 

Leslie Newell Peacock, who blogs for the Arkansas Times, writes:


State Republican head Doyle Webb acknowledged today that in Lincoln Day fund-raising speeches around the state this spring he has described the state Democratic Party as one that includes an openly lesbian legislator. The former state senator from Benton said he’s mentioned her by way of contrasting the Republican Party — you know, the one that understands “family values” — to the Democratic Party, the one that is for sinning, family-hating Arkansans.

He said it didn’t “ring a bell” that in one speech he’d warned that the state might one day have a lesbian — he was referring to state Rep. Kathy Webb – in charge of the state budget, as a Republican observer has passed along.

No, the GOP is all about “supporting the 10 commandments,” Webb said.