henrypic.jpgOklahoma Governor Brad Henry has vetoed a bill co-sponsored by infamous state Rep. Sally Kern. Proponents of the Religious Viewpoints Antidiscrimination Act claim that it would allow students to express their religious beliefs in homework, artwork and other assignments without penalty.

Critics of the legislation claimed that the bill would enable students to disregard science and history based on the conflicting teachings of religion.

In his veto message, Henry offered a different rationale, saying that the bill may “trigger a number of unintended consequences that actually impede rather than enhance such expression.”

According to Tulsa World, he claimed that schools could be forced to accommodate fringe groups that masquerade as religions. These groups could support hate speech.

“Additionally, this bill would presumably require school officials to determine what constitutes legitimate religious expression, subjecting them to an explosion of costly and protracted litigation that would have to be defended at the taxpayers’ expense,” Henry said.