watkins.jpgThe Kentucky Senate’s Health and Welfare Committee voted to defeat a bill yesterday that would have barred state universities and other public agencies from providing health coverage to employees’ domestic partners.

Furthermore, committee member David Watkins (right) scolded the bill’s sponsor, Vernie McGaha, for introducing it, calling the legislation divisive and ignoring the state’s biggest health problems like smoking and obesity, according to The Courier Journal.

“I am tired of the same petty issues coming before us when we’ve got major issues to address,” Watkins said.

McGaha vowed to re-introduce the bill next year.

Meanwhile, openly gay state senator Ernesto Scorsone expressed happiness with the bill’s demise.

“I think most Kentuckians believe if you are able to pay for the insurance you ought to be able to buy it,” Scorsone said. “I really do think it’s a great victory for fairness.”